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Mischief Appointed by Petplan to Drive Brand Awareness

Posted on: May 25th, 2023 by MHP Group

This press release originally appeared in PR Week

Mischief’s primary objective is to deliver a series of creative campaigns to make an emotional connection with key audiences at pivotal calendar moments for the brand.

They have also been retained to amplify event sponsorship, champion their annual Pet Awards, Veterinary Awards and Animal Charity Awards and deliver specific SEO-driven campaigns.

A subsidiary of Allianz Insurance, Petplan is the leading pet insurance provider in the UK who pride themselves on helping pets get the best care.

The win is the latest for Mischief, as Petplan joins a roster of some of the UK’s most-loved brands including Three, LEGO and Just Eat.

Lisa Sullivan, Advertising Manager for Petplan, said:

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Mischief. Immediately, we were impressed with their creative thoughts to help promote everything Petplan has to offer this year, as well as their knowledge and expertise in SEO, events support and how to engage consumers with a core brand message. The team also wowed us with their wider knowledge of the issues insurance providers are currently facing, and proved they really understood our audience’s mindset.”

Charlotte Brooks, Managing Director, Mischief PR, added:

“When we saw the brief for Petplan we knew immediately we were the right partner for them – and not just because of the large number of pet lovers we have in the office. We deliver passion powered comms, and the nation is wild about its pets. It’s a dream brief for us – being able to flex our creative muscles across disruptive PR campaigns, deliver event and sponsorship support, and SEO-driven stories for pet owners throughout the year.”

From Ming vase to Wedgwood teapot: Do Labour’s policies on health and technology match the ambition?

Posted on: May 22nd, 2023 by Morgan Arnold

There’s been such an avalanche of health policy announcements, op-eds and speeches on health in the last few days, it’s hard to keep up.

But the topline message is indicative of Labour’s wider challenge, how to communicate the party’s transformative intent without committing to incremental spending that they know is likely to be torn apart and which they may lack the room to manoeuvre to deliver on if they find themselves in power.

Today’s speech from Keir Starmer made a particular effort to explain how this seemingly restrained agenda was still a forward thinking, genuine embodiment of the sometimes mercurial values of the NHS (note the two references to Nye Bevan in today’s speech and none on the Missions Statement and nine references to the ‘future’).

Among the most future-focused of the three health ‘Shifts’ needed to achieve their goals – was technology; including harnessing the power of the NHS app, digital patient records, using AI to improve early diagnosis.

All commendable ideas which few would argue with, but equally, ideas which wouldn’t have been out of place in a pre-pandemic 2019 manifesto, so perhaps lack some of the visionary flair needed to build “a tomorrow service”.

Likewise, on genomics, in a piece in the Guardian today Starmer said: “genomic screening can spot predisposition to big killers…diagnose rare diseases and help personalise treatments….[to] prevent more illness and take more care of our lifestyle choices.”

This is true and it is exciting – but is probably more of a statement of fact than a clear vision.

On improving clinical trials, more will be needed than “a bit of application…and a degree of belief in the possibility of a better future” to help regulators keep up with the potentially paradigm shifting leaps in technology that have been happening around them.

And in a week where leaders from across the world come together to discuss the global health priorities at the World Health Assembly, there was a notable absence of a word that’s dominated the health landscape in recent years: ‘Covid’.

Undoubtedly a deliberate decision to focus on the domestic agenda and perhaps more the purview of international development, global health policy issues like health equity and health security are still key and ones that many NGOs, life science bodies and international health organisations will be keen to hear more on.

One possible kicker to the ‘future-focused’, visionary narrative of health policy is that change will take time. Both Wes Streeting and Starmer have been clear that the focus is on long-term reform, and repeatedly categorised any short-term fixes as ‘sticking plaster politics’. Whilst there’s no doubt the reforms needed to health systems need long-term thinking, many, stumbling into a post-pandemic world, will also want to know what the first hundred days look like.

These recent announcements then come as welcome additional detail for the public and those in the health sector, but given the breadth of ideas on display, fails to really communicate a clear strategy or direction.

This is perhaps be expected given how far out we still are from a general election – making this less of a polished version of Labour’s health vision and more an evolution on the way to achieving it – less of a Ming vase and more of a Wedgwood teapot.

What’s front of mind for health policymakers? Download our EU Policy report

Posted on: May 18th, 2023 by Alexandra Stamp

MHP’s new report combined our own insight with original research by Savanta. In-depth interviews with senior health policymakers in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK – all of whom were senior Ministry of Health or national health service officials – allow us to explore common and differing attitudes and opinions policymakers hold. Finally, the report features MHP Health’s senior team views on how industry can use these insights to best communicate the value of the life science industry to policymakers in an increasingly turbulent policy environment.

Download the report here:

The MHP Group 30 To Watch: Journalism Awards 2023 Gold Winners Revealed

Posted on: May 4th, 2023 by Alexandra Stamp

Last night, 30 of the UK’s leading young journalists gathered at the top of News UK’s headquarters for the 2023 MHP Group 30 To Watch Journalism Awards, celebrating with leading editors, broadcasters and commentators as this year’s Gold winners were announced.

Hosted by ITV News’ Lucrezia Millarini, and with addresses from Victoria Newton, Editor-in-Chief at The Sun, and Head of Sky News, John Ryley, the Awards once-again brought together the rising stars of British news.

Now in their 12th year, the MHP Group 30 to Watch Journalism Awards are a major moment in the industry’s calendar, judged by some of the biggest names in news.

More than 300 journalists entered this year, vying for one of 30 places among the winners, including nine prestigious Gold awards.


The 30 To Watch Gold Winners: 

City & Business – James Baxter-Derrington, Investment Week

Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle – Abigail Buchanan, The Daily Telegraph

Health – Emily Townsend, Health Service Journal

International Affairs – Shayma Bakht, The Times

News & Investigations – Runako Celina, BBC News

Personal Finance & Consumer Affairs – Grace Gausden, The i

Politics – Noa Hoffman, The Sun

Production – Jade Liversidge, ITV News

Science, Environment & Technology – Cristina Criddle, Financial Times



The Awards exist to promote opportunity and diversity in British news and this year, for the first time in the Awards’ history, a special ‘Breakthrough’ award, was created in partnership with NewsUK to recognise the work of journalists from non-university backgrounds.

The inaugural Breakthrough Award was won by Isaac Crowson, The Sun.

Opening the ceremony, Victoria Newton commented:

“The quality of those entered was higher than ever before – with the judges being sent agenda-setting scoops, interviews and features, and hard-hitting investigations, published across many different platforms.”

“There has never been a more important time to be a journalist. In the past year we have seen truly extraordinary events – three prime ministers, a war in Europe, the death of our Queen, and this coming weekend the coronation of a new King. Nobody chronicles these history-making moments better than the British media.”

Chair of Judges, John Ryley, was also presented with the 30 to Watch Outstanding Achievement Award, in recognition of his contribution to British journalism, including supporting the careers of next generation news talent.

Presenting the Outstanding Achievement Award, MHP Group Head of Strategic Media Keith Gladdis said:

“John Ryley is in the rare position of having worked for all three major news broadcasters. In that time, he campaigned successfully for the first live televised Leaders Debate, brought cameras into British courts for the first time and launched the first dedicated daily climate programme.

“He has put innovation and talent at the forefront of Sky News. But there are always two ways to judge an editor – firstly from their product and secondly from the people who work with them. As one former colleague told me, John is ‘Always pushing boundaries, challenging convention and always one step ahead. More importantly, he’s always got your back.’”

Download the 2023 awards booklet

The full list of MHP Group 30 to Watch Journalism Award 2023 winners:

30 To Watch Breakthrough Award – In partnership with News UK

Isaac Crowson, The Sun


City & Business

James Baxter-Derrington, Investment Week

Todd Gillespie, Bloomberg

Lora Jones, BBC News


Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle

Abigail Buchanan, Daily Telegraph

Jade Cuttle, The Times

Jocelyn Evans, ITV News

Hannah Tomes, The Spectator



George Hancorn, ITV News

Xantha Leatham, Daily Mail

Emily Townsend, Health Service Journal

Highly commended – Phillip Sime, ITV News


International Affairs

Shayma Bakht, The Times

Lucy Marley, The News Movement

Oliver Telling, Financial Times


News & Investigations

Megan Agnew, The Sunday Times

Greg Barradale, The Big Issue

Runako Celina, BBC News

George Greenwood, The Times

Monika Plaha, BBC News


Personal Finance & Consumer Affairs

Emily Braeger, Daily Express

Grace Gausden, The i

Samantha Everett, BBC News


A special thank you to our independent judging panel this year:

Anne Alexander, Head of Politics, Good Morning Britain
Peter Campbell, Global Motor Industry Correspondent, Financial Times
Laura Donnelly, Health Editor, The Telegraph
Emily Fairbairn, Senior Associate Head of Features, The Sun
Richard Fletcher, Business Editor, The Times
Robert Guest, Deputy Editor, The Economist
Daniel Hewitt, Investigations Correspondent, ITV News
Natalie Kenway, Editor in Chief, ESG Clarity
Kat Lay, Health Editor, The Times
Paul Morgan-Bentley, Head of Investigations, The Times
Jim Norton, Tech Editor, Daily Mail
Kerri-Ann Roper, Head of Entertainment & Features, PA Media
John Ryley, Head of Sky News, Sky News
Colletta Smith, Cost of Living Correspondent, BBC News
Sonia Sodha, Columnist, The Guardian
John Stevens, Political Editor, Daily Mirror
Ruth Sunderland, Group Business Editor, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday
Ben Wilkinson, Head of Personal Finance, Daily Telegraph

Download the 30 To Watch: Journalism awards book

Posted on: May 4th, 2023 by MHP Group

Now in their 12th year, the MHP Group 30 to Watch Journalism Awards are a major moment in the industry’s calendar, judged by some of the biggest names in news. Download the awards book to see the winners of the 2023 awards, explore this years’ judging panel and discover what leading figures from the media industry think about the future of journalism.

Download the report here:

Autonomous vehicles leader Wayve appoints MHP Group

Posted on: May 2nd, 2023 by Morgan Arnold

Wayve, the company pioneering deep learning for autonomous vehicles (AV), has appointed communications consultancy MHP Group to support its next phase of growth. Working with Wayve’s in-house team, MHP will help Wayve build its reputation as it scales.

Founded in Cambridge in 2017, Wayve is reimagining autonomous mobility through embodied intelligence. Its next-generation technology (AV2.0) takes a pure machine learning approach to solving self-driving. That means the data-driven technology can scale and adapt to any driving condition anywhere in the world, to improve sustainability, safety and productivity. Wayve self-driving vehicles are currently being tested in a range of UK cities.

The appointment follows a number of milestones for Wayve in 2022, including a collaboration with Microsoft and a successful Series B funding round, raising $200 million to accelerate the deployment of the next wave of autonomous vehicles. This latest round of funding brings total equity raised to over $258 million since inception and reinforces Wayve’s position as a leader in autonomous driving.

Commenting on the appointment, Rudi Rankin, Director of Marketing at Wayve said:

“We are excited to partner with MHP Group as we continue our journey to revolutionize the mobility industry with our embodied AI technology. MHP’s extensive experience in working with high-growth tech businesses like ours makes them the perfect fit to help us navigate the challenges of rapid growth and protect our reputation. We look forward to working closely alongside them as we scale Wayve and drive innovation in the autonomous vehicle sector.”

Barnaby Fry, Managing Director at MHP Group, commented:

“Autonomy will deliver huge benefits and profound change, and trust is fundamental to unlocking the technology’s potential. We’re delighted to help Wayve tell their story, build their reputation and strengthen stakeholder relationships as they grow.”