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A month of Mischief, April 2024

Posted on: May 3rd, 2024 by Morgan Arnold

The Passion Perspective

The first May Bank Holiday weekend is upon us. An extra day to relax and unwind. And what better way to unwind than by revisiting 2024’s cultural reset that is Taylor Swift’s 2hr anthology album, the Tortured Poets Department?

That’s right, passionate music fans have had much to rejoice in over the last few weeks First, Ariana unfriended us with We Can’t Be Friends, then Cowboy Carter made our hearts bleed (while also making us fear for anyone with the name Jolene…) and now…Taylor Swift has given us 31 songs of pure, young-adult angst.

Whether you’re tuned-in to her every move, tortured by her music, or just tolerate her name appearing in the news on a weekly basis, there’s no denying the power and impact Taylor Swift has on the comms industry.

But, we’re not just an office of Swifties. Taylor’s impact in the comms world offers a lot of fun for brands. From Greggs instantly posting their version of her new album cover… to Krispy Kremes offering a discount to anyone wearing a Swiftie friendship bracelet, ‘Taylor tactics’ is something easy and…well…swift…for brands to jump on and join in a fun, positive conversation (even if the subject of her latest album isn’t all that joyous)…

And what makes all of this more fun is it seems that Taylor genuinely loves her audience, and her every move is catered to exactly what her fans want to see from her. This level of audience insight is something brands should be aspiring to – especially as she helps many get involved in conversations online to either be shared or eye rolled at!

Speaking of conversations to be shared…check out Mischief’s own anthology of campaigns from the last month…and now sit back, pop your feet up, and enjoy the music…

This Month at Mischief

Once You Croc You Can’t Stop!

This month, we paired Pringles with the iconic Crocs to help launch their tastiest collaboration to date. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a snack holder in their shoes whilst they’re on the go? Our aim was to spread the story and stir up enthusiasm among UK snackers, letting them know about the arrival of the trendiest Crocs on the scene.

When launch day came, we hit the ground running, securing great coverage on Heart Breakfast, and sparking Jamie and Amanda’s appetite for the latest Crocs collab. We also secured pieces in top national outlets like Mail Online, Daily Star, and Daily Mirror, alongside consumer and regional hits including Manchester Evening News, and

The campaign has also popped off on social, being praised by Harry Wallop no less, featuring on Daily Star and Indy 100’s “X” channels, and getting organic social coverage from Crocs fanatic influencers including Zoe Bread, Star Holroyd, and Mared Perry.

Hungry for more? Read about the collab here.


Hollywood Hard Man Vinnie Jones Talks More Than Football

This month, Three UK teamed up with former footballer and Hollywood hardman, Vinnie Jones, to share an important message to football fans. In collaboration with Chelsea F.C and Samaritans, we launched the campaign #TalkMoreThanFootball, encouraging people to simply ‘talk more’ than football.

The campaign was launched in light of Three’s data that two-thirds of football fans (67%) have struggled with their mental health, and only a tiny fraction (6%) of those admit to talking about their mental wellbeing with people they watch or play sports with.

It’s time to grab a cuppa, sit down and listen to Vinnie’s message, which was premiered at Stamford Bridge Stadium during the game against Manchester United to over 40,000 fans.

 Our message to remove the stigma hit headlines in national titles such as, Daily Mirror, Mail Online, Daily Star and The Sun. Vinnie championed the cause on Sky Sports News, and we scored strong coverage in consumer titles such as Men’s Health, Talk Sport and Football London.

Listen to Vinnie’s powerful message here.

Team Gb Kicks Off The 100-Day Countdown To The Olympics With Style

The countdown is officially on! Team GB took to the stage to mark the 100 day countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, and our aim was to get the nation hyped.

We joined forces with Team GB’s athletes, B-Boy Kid Karam, B-Boy Sunni and B-Boy Sheku who are setting their sights on competing for Team GB, and TikTok dance sensations, Brooke and Jessie, to get the nation stomping their feet in anticipation.
We’re encouraging the nation to bust a move and share their dance moves on social using the hashtag #MoveWithTeamGB. Who’s ready to feel the Olympic spirit?

To get hyped – watch the dance here.

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A month of Mischief, March 2024

Posted on: March 28th, 2024 by Alexandra Stamp

The Passion Perspective

Spring is around the corner, we’ve got a lovely long weekend ahead of us AND the clocks are going forward meaning more daylight (finally) – there’s a lot of things to be grateful for as we sign off from March.

A few people have even more reasons to feel grateful as we leave the first quarter of the year, and that is of course the big winners of awards season.

It’d be remiss to not mention the brilliant Raye as she made history at the Brit Awards, the singer-songwriter won an incredible six of the seven prizes she was nominated for – beating Adele, Blur and Harry Styles’ record four wins at a single ceremony.

‘Oppenheimer’ continued its silver screen domination at the Oscars winning seven awards including Best Picture, whilst ‘Poor Things’ and Emma Stone took home four, hey, even Barbie and Billie Eilish got a win (deservedly) for Best Original Song, and Ryan Gosling’s epic surprise rendition of ‘I’m Just Ken’ featuring Mark Ronson and Slash of all people, provided another memorable Oscar moment.

But amidst the star-studded celebrations, one unexpected champion emerged – none other than everyone’s favourite sandal brand, Birkenstock. How, you ask? Picture this: a butt-naked John Cena gracing the stage, presenting the award for Best Costume Design, clad in nothing but a pair of, you guessed it, Birkenstocks. Whilst most people were looking at well, the rest of him, a fair few clocked onto to the new sandals, cue a plethora of articles around where to shop the new Birkenstocks (google it), a myriad of social chatter on the brand and potentially even an uplift in sales.

This doesn’t seem to be a brand campaign or #ad, so it’s unlikely the head honchos at Birkenstock would have been fretting about ROI on what would have been a costly piece of work – they’ve just relied on making and having the best product in the category. In a world where brand campaigns and advertisements flood our feeds, Birkenstock’s unassuming victory serves as a reminder that sometimes, excellence speaks for itself. By focusing on crafting top-tier products with unwavering quality, success naturally follows. Here’s to you, Birkenstock – perhaps it’s time to consider John Cena as a brand ambassador?

P.S. We really wanted to use this newsletter to talk about the now infamous Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow however unfortunately, it technically happened at the end of February.

Anyway, a great month for Raye, a great month for Birkenstock and a great month for Mischief campaigns, here’s a taster of what we’ve been up to…

This Month at Mischief

Girls got game – Lego makes play unstoppable for all

This month LEGO’s global study uncovered how girls’ confidence is affecting their creative spark.

With expert insights from Lexicographer or “word wizard”, Susie Dent, we shone a light on how words shape girls’ creative play. A simple switch in vocab—from ‘cute’ to ‘cool’, ‘sweet’ to ‘brave’—could give girls’ creativity and confidence a well-needed boost. The data also reveals over half of children believe adults listen more to boys’ creative ideas than those of girls, a narrative we’re on a mission to flip.

These linguistic barriers didn’t stop us from smashing our Lego Unstoppable campaign by securing 44 pieces of coverage. Alongside our powerhouse team of Unstoppable influencers, including Anna Lapwood, Jamie Chadwick, and Kadeena Cox, we really got the media chatting about the lasting impact of our words. The campaign generated a flurry of top tier coverage including BBC News, Sky News, Mail Online, Daily Mirror, Express, iNews to name just a few.

Read more about the campaign here.

Pimms-urance guarentees the taste of British Summer come rain or shine…

What’s every bridge and groom’s nightmare? Perhaps it’s rain on their wedding day- and while we can’t guarantee sunshine and blue skies  – Pimms are serving up the next best thing.

Our research revealed that over three quarters (85%) of Brits scrapped their Spring and Summer plans (up to three times) last year due to bad weather. The data also shows BBQs (39%) and walks with friends (34%) were the top washed out events amongst Brits last year. In light of this, to inspire Brits to make the most out of Summer, we came up with an initiative to bring sunshine back to those dreary days.

Brits can now ‘Pimm’sure’ their events against bad weather and secure Pimm’s for their outdoor party – come rain, hail or shine.

Whilst this campaign is just heating up, we’ve had a brilliant launch and already secured coverage in Daily Star, Daily Mirror, Metro and many other top tier titles.

Scroll and stitch – Nick Grimshaw x Three say life needs a big knitwork

Ahead of the launch of Gogglebox’s latest series, we looked into the latest popular hobbies for Gen Zs. We know they love to scroll, and on average check their phones eight times during a 30 minute show, but they’re also on the hunt for something else to keep their hands entertained.

Whilst we are a nation of TV lovers, we found that 69% of Brits are itching to pick up a new hobby this year, and nearly half of Gen Z are already pros at crochet. In light of this, we hooked up Three UK with Nick Grimshaw to launch ‘Mobile Crochet’ kits, and produced a fool-proof guide to crochet your own phone holder. With Crochet now being the trendiest way to keep your hands busy while binge-watching.

The campaign secured a wave of coverage in key national titles such as the Daily Mirror and Daily Star.

Read here to get hooked.

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The National Hockey League appoints Mischief to provide PR support across Europe

Posted on: March 12th, 2024 by Morgan Arnold

This press release originally appeared in PR Week

The win comes after Mischief, which is part of MHP Group, provided the NHL with a strategic review of its current European PR output, consulting on how it could expand its presence across the continent in earned media and grow its fan base.

Now, having been appointed on a retained basis, the agency’s remit is to expand the NHL’s European PR infrastructure across five key markets – Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Finland and Sweden – while helping to devise a day-to-day comms strategy to increase European editorial reporting on more than 1,300 games during the current NHL season.

PRWeek understands that there was no incumbent agency for this brief.

Mischief’s responsibilities also include support for the NHL’s European events, including the NHL Global Series in Stockholm and the NHL European Player Tour.

While not a priority market, the agency also serves as the NHL’s only UK PR agency, assisting with any UK press engagement.

Jaka Lednik, senior vice-president, international, at the NHL, said: “The league has tremendous fan engagement across Europe through our international digital platforms and broadcast partners. This collaborative push for earned media with Mischief allows us to better reach casual and new fans with compelling, relevant storylines about the league and our players.”

He added: “Mischief immediately understood what we wanted to achieve, the importance of tailored strategies for each market and how best to execute to help us achieve our goals.”

Charlotte Brooks, managing director of Mischief, added: “Mischief has a rich heritage in working with some of the world’s biggest sports brands, including Team GB and the England & Wales Cricket Board, and in the last year alone we have activated major sports sponsorships for brands across Chelsea FC, Champions League and Wimbledon, so we’re excited to add the NHL to our growing sports roster.

“We are obsessed with consumer passions and look forward to working alongside the NHL to continue to exploit the existing ice hockey fandom and engage new audiences to drive huge expansion in coverage, conversation and awareness across local markets.”

*(Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images)*

A month of Mischief, February 2024

Posted on: February 29th, 2024 by Morgan Arnold

The Passion Perspective

We did it, we can finally say goodbye to winter (March is Spring, right?). Either way, that’s a wrap for February and although it may seem like it has just rained all day every day, a lot of exciting things have happened. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer won best film at the BAFTAs, Beyonce became the first black woman to top the US charts with a country song and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LVIII.

Of course, in our industry the Super Bowl is much more than one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar. Due to its ludicrously large audience – made somewhat larger thanks to a certain Taylor Swift and Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce’s fledgling all-american relationship – it’s also a big calendar moment for brand activation. Whether an official sponsor or not, it’s a great opportunity to flex creativity, reveal the latest campaign to a mass, engaged audience and take a bigger share of voice. So, we asked three Mischief Makers their view on which brands won at Super Bowl LVIII…

Josie Akuffo, Senior Director

Whilst I normally recoil at meta, industry navel gazing stunts relating to non-standard use of advertising space, I do have respect for brands that try to hack the hype around big events like the Super Bowl. Which is why I was amused by Liquid Death trying to go up against the Super Bowl’s notoriously expensive media placements to make the case that securing advertising space on its packaging would actually be a more efficient investment. The brand launched an auction for other brands to advertise on its packaging in the run up to Super Bowl, positioning it as highly valuable billboard space given the 200 million people who shop at the retailers who stock it each week.  With a buy it now price of $1.5million dollars, not sure how many offers they’ve actually received, but it doesn’t really matter – they did the job of cleverly cutting through.

Kitt Smith, Senior Account Director

Michael Cera and CeraVe. A brilliant example of a brand doing something completely out of its wheelhouse, shedding its normal TOV and going for it; and landing it brilliantly.

Aside from the millions of views and articles it generated, the ad was so good that most of Michael Cera’s interview on The Tonight Show was dedicated to it. If that doesn’t scream “winning” in your loudest Charlie Sheen voice I don’t know what does.

Lewis Durkin, Creative

How do you build some momentum ahead of the Super Bowl to ensure your slot pops? You lean into the Taylor Swift x Travis Kelce hype, of course.

The beauty of Pringles’ campaign is that they didn’t need to engage with either of them. By just using the iconic mustache of Mr P, and the iconic mustache of a to-be-identified-but-looks-like-Travis-Kelce individual, they got tongues wagging on Instagram about who’d be revealed in the slot. It turned out to be the ‘tash of Chris Pratt. It might have disappointed Swifties and Chiefs fans alike, but it didn’t disappoint in driving fame for Pringles.

This Month at Mischief

Dating, Debt & Dominating Podcast Charts with Experian’s ‘The Cost Of Loving’

With February being the month of love, what better time to launch Experian’s Cost of Loving podcast – a five-part series hosted by Celebs Go Dating’s Anna Williamson exploring the intersection between dating and finances, after we revealed that the average debt accrued by 18-35 year olds from funding dating and relationships was a whopping £2250.

A direct response to some of the toxic relationship tropes doing the rounds on social media, the series tackles a number of difficult conversations where dating meets money, from Gender Expectations to Financial Abuse Red Flags and Financial Infidelity.

We’ve secured over 60 pieces of coverage to date, including the likes of Mail Online, Daily Mirror, The Big Issue and Lorraine, with further consumer lifestyle interviews coverage set to go live in the coming weeks. As well as editorial success, the podcast has generated heaps of engagement on Experian, Anna and podcast guest socials, and has even made its way into Apple Podcasts Top 10 chart for Relationship podcasts!

With two more episodes due to launch, you can check out the series so far here.

Ocado’s Raunchy Reactive Hits the Spot

Ahead of Valentine’s, we dove into Ocado data looking at sex toy sales in the run-up to the big day, with results showing that shoppers were becoming ballsier than ever when it came to self-pleasure.

The data revealed that sales of dildos, massage oil and vibrators had all risen significantly in the weeks running up to Valentine’s Day, and almost three quarters of baskets that contained a sex toy also contained a ready meal as shoppers set themselves up for the ultimate day of self-indulgence!

Helping to lift the sex toy taboo and empower singles and couples everywhere, the reactive alert generated a flurry of top tier coverage during a key calendar moment, including in Mail Online, Daily Mirror and The Times.

Read more here.

Petplan And Tom Read Wilson get to grips with Pet-ymology

What’s the one word dogs dread the most? V-E-T. Our research found that two thirds of dog owners struggle to get their pup to the vets due to stress and anxiety, and one third had even resorted to using code words to disguise a veterinary visit.

With ‘The dogter’ and ‘a visit to Dr Barker’s’ some of the most commonly used alternatives, we worked with celebrity lexicologist Tom Read Wilson to pen a ‘doggy dictionary’, full of the weird and wonderful phrases used by owners to communicate with their pets.

As Petplan’s brand new TV advert launched, centring around a visit to the vets, we rounded our story off with advice from Petplan’s very own expert vet Brian Faulkner to guide owners in keeping their pets calm when The Dogter calls, resulting in coverage across a range of national, consumer, trade and broadcast titles, and even generating over 500,000 YouTube views on the new ad.

You can watch the new Petplan advert here.

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The Traitors take on Creative Shootout

Posted on: February 6th, 2024 by Morgan Arnold

4 hours… it’s a trip to Manchester from London. It’s a good time to run a marathon in. You could even catch up on a whole week’s worth of The Traitors.

It’s also how long the team at Mischief (Lewis Durkin, Cian Hearns, Anna Ouseley-Giraldo and myself) had to respond to a brief from Carers UK for The Creative Shootout 2024. Not long!

So what is Creative Shootout?

In their own words, The Creative Shootout is the UK’s leading done in a day creative-for-good awards, that tests the mettle of the UK’s best creative agencies on a real brief from a Charity of the Year.

In our words, it’s an exciting day to completely immerse yourself into a brief for four hours, before (terrifyingly) presenting in front of a live audience at BAFTA.

This year’s selected Charity was Carers UK, whose mission it is to make life better for the UK’s 5.7 million unpaid carers.

But before even thinking about getting to BAFTA, we had to submit a 60 second video which showed Carers UK why we think we should be on that stage.

For our entry, we createdThe Interview’. Being an unpaid carer is the one job that you don’t apply for, and even if you could, you wouldn’t want to. Based on this we created an eery first-person style interview, with the viewer unsure what is happening until the powerful final credit.

And from this, we made it through to the Live Final Show alongside seven other talented agencies!

The Live Final

At around midday, we received a brief from the brilliant Helen Walker, Chief Executive at Carers UK.

It currently takes on average two years for someone to recognise themselves as a ‘carer’ – meaning they’re not getting access to the support that is available whether that be benefits, mental health, employment or financial. Our job was to come up with a campaign which halves this time. It’s also worth mentioning that we were also told this isn’t a pitch presentation and to bring theatre.

When it comes to our approach, as much as we wanted to encourage people to spot the signs within themselves, we think the best results occur when those closest to us drive the realisations. So that’s how we framed this conversation.

How do we help millions across the country see that their closest friend, their parent of their neighbour has the traits of a carer? We proposed working with the best in the business. Those who have ample experience in spotting the subtle – and not so subtle – changes in habits and behaviours in those around them.

Enter Claudia Winkleman of course. (Or the best we could do in four hours, which was me in a wig and cape…)

Our campaign was The Carers, a spin on the nation’s love for the Traitors, to get the everybody looking closely at those closest to them to uncloak the unpaid carers amongst us.

With an emotive piece of content in the guise of The Traitors roundtable, Claudia (the real one!) would lead an investigation into the cloaked carers around the table, highlighting that they are all around us. With real-life round table pop ups in the UK to educate people on what to look for, and a solid £250,000 media package across broadcast and OOH, the whole nation would be behind the drive to get unpaid carers the support they need.

The whole process and presentation was great fun. Whilst we didn’t get top three, we were proud to have made it to the final. We even got a round of applause mid-way through which felt like a win. Plus I took the wig and cape home.

Well done to all of the other teams that took part. It’s exciting to see what’s possible in four hours. Hopefully we see you again next year to bring more Mischief!

A month of Mischief, January 2024

Posted on: January 31st, 2024 by Morgan Arnold

The Passion Perspective

We are officially a twelfth of the way through 2024 and already there have been some huge stories; SPOILERS AHEAD – Harry won The Traitors, Emma Stone and Poor Things has taken a multitude of Oscar nominations, Barbie – not as many, and the world is gearing up for the biggest year of sport.rt with tournaments, qualifiers,

However, 2024 is a lot more than the year of sport. Yes, most of our Summer will be built around it, but there are other big things on the radar, all of which we should be aware of in our field of work – and no, we’re not saying they all need to be ‘newsjacked’…

It’s a big year for politics – the US presidential election is around the corner, and closer to home, a general election isn’t far off.

As of the 1st January, the world’s most famous mouse belongs to the people. Mickey Mouse is now in the public domain. This year will see lots of Mickey content released without the usual red tape – even in the form of a horror film. There are some caveats, it’s only the earliest version of Mickey that is now public, but this does mean we as creatives can use the character and likeness in our work without the fear of being sued by the big guns at Disney.

The UK festival circuit is bigger and better than ever with smaller festivals such as Truck, Kendal Calling and Tramlines attracting more star power to all go alongside the heavyweight institutions of Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and Latitude.

And cinema looks to have a stellar year ahead. Gladiator gets its LONG-awaited sequel, there’s a new Lord of The Rings film with Succession’s Brian Cox, Dune Part 2 is on the horizon and your usual array of superhero blockbusters will be cropping up, including a remake of Blade.

In summary – there’s a LOT of stuff to look forward to in 2024.

And we’ve been getting busy too – here’s what’s been happening at Mischief HQ in 2024 so far…

This Month at Mischief

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Is…

… Sliced bread! At least according to Nigella, whose latest recipe – a ‘So-Wrong-It’s-Right’ Bread and Butter Pudding – is the ultimate comfort food dessert, combining the simplicity of sliced white bread with none other than Laughing Cow cheese!Crafting a narrative which dove into themes of nostalgia and childhood comfort, this recipe for Ocado has yet again captured the attention of national and lifestyle media. Kicking off with an exclusive interview in The Times, news of the unusual recipe was quickly picked up by the likes of the Express, Mail Online and The Telegraph, as well as scoring a flurry of regional and consumer hits including Huff Post. For the full recipe that’s sure to leave mouths watering, click here.

Read more here.

Henley Business School Introduces The ‘Omniployment Era’

The Great Resignation was the workplace trend of the immediate post-COVID era, but where have we gone from there? Well, a new report from Henley Business School has now revealed that we’re a workplace divided, and we identified six key types of workers based on the common elements that attract or dissuade them from applying for a job.

Carving the report up for both national employment and lifestyle-targeted newsdesks helped secure a range of quality coverage including Financial Times, Metro and Mirror, as well as a number of business and HR titles, some of which interviewed Henley Business School’s lead researcher on the project, Rita Fontinha.

Read more here.

OGX Hair Stories Emphasises The Power Of A Good Hair Day

Building on the success of our OGX social coverage with Giovanna Fletcher in December, January saw the launch of ‘Hair Stories’ – a campaign encouraging Brits to celebrate their unique hair stories, from postpartum hair and university daredevil days to professional up-dos.Leading with an empowering research story around the confidence a good hair day can bring, Hair Stories has secured over 30 pieces of editorial coverage so far including six nationals, as well as social content from Giovanna, beauty influencer Anchal and lifestyle influencer Emma Paton.

Read more here.


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A month of Mischief, November 2023

Posted on: November 30th, 2023 by Morgan Arnold

Welcome to A Month of Mischief,  a monthly take on the hottest passions gripping the nation, along with the latest Mischief news.

The Passion Perspective

Newsjacking is all about having quickfire reactions to the hot topics that everyone’s talking about. It’s a means for brands to insert themselves into the most engaged conversations, command attention in a timely and relevant manner and show a bit of personality!

And the best part? Newsjacking is flexible depending on your means – from major reactive stunts to simple reactive tweets, ideas can range from big productions to simple social media comebacks.

Ikea react to Balenciaga launch

Ikea’s recent Balenciaga newsjack is a great example of low-production, low-budget reactive resulting in impressive ROI. When Balenciaga announced they were launching a $900 ‘towel-skirt’, Ikea quickly jumped on the news, capturing a simple hero photograph announcing the sale of their own new ‘towel skirt’ for a fraction of price at £16. This tongue-in-cheek reactive helped them tap into an engaged Gen-Z audience across titles such as Dazed, High Snobiety, Hypebeast and Complex.

LV= Luton Fire 

But it’s also possible to newsjack harder-hitting news in a sensitive way. October saw a shocking fire break out at Luton airport, which resulted in the loss of around 1,500 vehicles. Here at Mischief, we worked with LV= to share reactive data and expert commentary around the number of customers estimated to be affected, along with guidance around what the insurer was doing to support the affected. Being able to offer helpful reassurance and advice at such a troubling time for many led to us securing top tier coverage in the likes of The Guardian and Daily Mail – all simply generated from internal data and commentary.

Newsjacking is an incredibly valuable tool, but relevance is important. Brands need to have a right to play – is it within your industry? Can you add anything meaningful to the conversation? Do you have relevant data or expert insights to add to it? Every brand will have differing criteria when it comes to deciding what makes a newsjack worthwhile and impactful.

And speaking of worthwhile newsjacks, this month, we were able to tap into multiple trending conversations on behalf of Ocado, putting the online supermarket front and centre when it came to unusual consumer shopping habits…

This Month at Mischief

Ocado Achieves Some Offal-Y Good Results

And the past few weeks have been a smash for our very own newsjackers, as we secured a wave of coverage for reactive Ocado stories. Firstly, when London restaurant Fowl’s chicken head pie went viral, this prompted us to delve into Ocado insights around offal buying. What we didn’t expect was that sales of ‘tongue’ had more than doubled YoY, and the media loved it.

Most recently, fans across the UK were devastated when Nestle confirmed the discontinuation of the Caramac bar – so much so that searches on skyrocketed by over 3000%, resulting in headline pieces on Mail Online and their social channels as well as over 30 ReachPLC pieces, citing Ocado’s data and commentary alone.

With additional newsjacks capturing attention across Guardian, The Sun, Daily Star and Mirror, this reactive success proved that providing media with relevant and interesting data is key to inserting our brands into the heart of trending conversations.

Read more here.

Lego Launches Galore!

Newsjacking aside, it was a busy month for team LEGO with nine events taking place throughout November. From Manchester store openings and three ‘Build to Give’ events supporting Children in Need, to a sleepover in the Natural History Museum (!) – the team travelled throughout the country spreading festive LEGO magic.

The events all generated a ton of social and earned coverage, with celebrity parent guests including Girls Aloud’s Kimberly Walsh, TV presenter Katie Piper and Strictly’s Neil Jones and ex-Love Islander Chyna Mills. Media guests came from The Guardian, Reach PLC, Pop Sugar, Hello! and the Independent.

Throughout November, an impressive 200+ pieces of coverage were earned for Lego overall, thanks to a range of engaging events with top tier media and celebrity attendees.

Read more here.

Three Take On Black Friday

It wouldn’t be November in the office without a Black Friday sell-in and Three were at the heart of it. The team’s strong relationships with tech, shopping and deals writers helped to secure multiple standalone headline pieces of coverage across the likes of The Sun, Expert Reviews and Mirror.

Alongside standalone pieces, we also secured coverage in the likes of premium lifestyle titles GQ and Good Housekeeping, elevating Three’s Black Friday offering during one of the brand’s most important moments in the year.

Read more here.

Mischief News

Team Mischief had a ball at the recent PRCA Awards this month, scooping up another two awards for Women’s Aid and Avanti. The Women’s Aid ‘He’s Coming Home’ campaign took ‘Best Purpose Campaign’ whilst Avanti came out on top in the ‘Automotive and Transport’ category. Another great night of success!

Mischief Musings

Mischief MD, Charlotte Brooks, recently chatted to PR Moment about  everything she’s learnt from her career journey so far, as well as her predictions for consumer PR as we go into 2024. The ‘In Hindsight’ podcast episode is available here.

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A month of Mischief, October 2023

Posted on: October 31st, 2023 by Morgan Arnold

Welcome to A Month of Mischief,  a monthly take on the hottest passions gripping the nation, along with the latest Mischief news.

The Passion Perspective

It’s been a big month for sport, South Africa have clinched the Rugby World Cup (making that semi-final defeat a little easier to swallow), the Cricket World Cup is heating up, the Premier League is already providing soap-like drama and Tyson Fury has (somewhat controversially) cemented his legacy as the Baddest of the Baddest.

And there’s more to come, next summer we’ll have Euro ‘24, the Olympics, the summer X Games and a whole lot more. So, what better topic to launch Passion Powered Patter than sport…

MD, Charlotte Brooks meets The London Economic founder and Floating Editor, Jack Peat

First up our MD, Charlotte Brooks, sat down with Jack Peat, founder of The London Economic and UK Floating Editor of the hugely popular lifestyle network and author of The Great Pie Revolt, a gastronomic guide to the premier league and EFL. Together they spill the beans on how brands can unlock editorial opportunities around sporting events, outsmarting algorithm and reveal which brands they feel are winning in this space.

Watch here

Head of Strategy, Dan Deeks-Osburn meets Just Eat’s UK & IE Marketing Director, Vix Gold

Moving on to our second installment of Passion Powered Patter, our Head of Strategy Dan Deeks-Osburn dives into conversation with Just Eat’s UK & IE Marketing Director, Vix Gold. Get ready for some serious insights on how brands can effectively connect with their audience via the medium of sport. This episode sees the pair talk about how to really get cut-through and make an impact by highlighting the importance of finding your place to play, working towards a long-term goal and how to avoid badging.

Watch here

Creative Director, Greg Double, meets England rugby player, Anthony Watson

Finally, episode three sees our Creative Director, Greg Double go one-on-one with England rugby player Anthony Watson. In the final installment of sports themed Passion Powered Patter the pair sit down to chat about how to create authentic brand partnerships with athletes, the importance of relevance and narrative, and how to properly leverage talent to drive consideration and cut through with audiences.

Watch here

This Month at Mischief

Lego World Play Day hit the headlines with Paloma

It was a momentous month for LEGO in October, as we teamed up with mum of two, and singer/actress Paloma Faith, to share her thoughts on the power of play for World Play Day 2023. Interviews secured on Lorraine, HuffPost and Evening Standard, saw Paloma discuss how learning through play with her children is vital to improved wellbeing and connection.

Alongside interviews, we pitched startling research highlighting how children spend less time playing in a week than adults spend scrolling on their phones in just one day, and these findings were echoed by our ‘Professors of Play’ experts who were interviewed across the likes of BBC Radio 5 Live and Times Radio.

The icing on the cake was the LEGO Superpower Academy which we hosted in Shoreditch. This escape room-style activity engaged families’ creativity, problem-solving skills and communication and saw celebrity influencers in attendance, as well as securing a flurry of listings coverage.

Overall, the powerful multi-channel campaign launch saw us secure 80 pieces of coverage, including 7 broadcast, and 27 pieces of social content.

We launched an illegal rave outside Parliament for Channel 4

Ahead of Channel 4’s highly anticipated ‘Partygate’ launch this month, we crafted an ‘illegal’ rave outside parliament, hosted by the ultimate Boris look-alike. Our playful picture story saw a 6am roving rave led by DJ BJ and his following of partying ‘MPs’ roam by Westminster, capturing attention across both socials and earned media.

With ‘Picture of the Day’ and video coverage secured across the likes of The Guardian, Independent and Evening Standard, the tongue-in-cheek content successfully drummed up excitement ahead of the series launch, encouraging viewers to tune into a show that ultimately had a much deeper message.

E.ON’s solar meadow takes over Edinburgh zoo

This month, we revealed that E.ON Energy had begun installing the UK’s biggest zoo-based solar meadow, in a bid to support the wildlife conservation charity in reducing its environmental impact, and becoming more sustainable.

This unexpected partnership channeled the positive link between energy and our environment, and the installation process was overseen by a whole host of animals, from meerkats and giraffes, to armadillos and penguins. Our endearing visual assets were sold-in to media, highlighting just how E.ON is striving to work collaboratively with businesses and communities to take climate action and help the UK meet its net zero targets.

Mischief News

It was an evening of success for both Mischief and MHP at the PR Week Awards this month, as we scooped up two wins and two highly commended awards. Taking the top spot in the Marketing Communications: Automotive and Transport category, was our Avanti driver recruitment campaign, and we also took home two commendations for our work with Women’s Aid on the World Cup ‘He’s Coming Home’ campaign.

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Passion Powered Patter – Engaging with Sportspeople

Posted on: October 27th, 2023 by Alexandra Stamp

Mischief’s Passion Powered Patter series sees our team meeting with industry experts to discuss how brands, agencies and marketeers can leverage passions to better connect with their audiences. This month, we focus on the passion area of sport, given the huge line up of tournaments and events set to come in 2024.

In our third episode of the series, our Creative Director, Greg Double met with England International Rugby Player Anthony Watson to discuss how brands can effectively partner with sports talent. This episode sees the pair talk about how to build a true partnership and why it’s important to look for partners that have an authentic connection to the brand, product or campaign.

Tune in below, and don’t forget to check out Episode 1, where we got the media download from’s Jack Peat, on how to unlock editorial opportunities around sporting events and Episode 2, where we chatted to Just Eat’s Marketing Director, Vix Gold about how brands can win by taking a long term view to passion led comms.

MHP & Mischief win at PRWeek UK Awards 2023

Posted on: October 19th, 2023 by Alexandra Stamp

We are pleased to share the MHP & Mischief both picked up awards at the PRWeek UK Awards 2023.

The PRWeek Awards showcase the very best in public relations and communications, from dazzling campaigns to innovative strategies.

City & Corporate Communications 

For MHP’s work with IWG, the workspace solutions provider, we won in the City & Corporate Communications category for ‘The win/win case for hybrid working”.

Despite a strong backlash against remote working, we were able to develop a strong case that hybrid working is the happier, healthier and greener way to work, therefore elevating IWG as the leading commentator on the practice. IWG’s objective was to build a powerful case setting out the wider personal and business benefits of shifting permanently to a hybrid model. MHP supported by driving earned media coverage around its ambition to open 1,000 new hybrid workspaces, achieving carbon neutrality, reducing carbon emissions from its buildings and supply chain, and its investments in a range of carbon removal projects.

Of the campaign, judges said “An impressive campaign, jam-packed with thought leadership, campaigns, newsjacking and clever leverage of news moments… Exceptional global reach, and superior performance against competitors.”

Marketing Communications: Automotive and Transport 

For Mischief’s work with Avanti West Coast, the train operating company, we picked up the award for Marketing Communications: Automotive and Transport.

Mischief were tasked with increasing applicants, particularly female applicants, to Avanti’s driver recruitment scheme. Research found that visibility was a major barrier to attracting women to apply for the roles, as it was seen as a ‘male’ profession. Mischief’s research then came upon the story of Karen Harrison, who became one of the UK’s first female drivers in 1979. It was decided her story should be central to the campaign.

The second major barrier was the application process, where women tending to take longer than men to apply – an issue when applications tended to close when a maximum had been received. Mischief therefore decided to begin its campaign a month ahead of applications opening.

Mischief created an eight by five metre mural featuring Karen, which was put up in busy London Euston station. The mural itself and Karen’s story prompted more than 300 pieces of coverage and the campaign attracted 1,500 female applicants, versus a target of 800.

Of the campaign, the judges said “There was clear passion in this entry; the client was genuinely motivated by gender equality. Using the insight about women’s consideration periods for a role was particularly smart.”

Read more here.

Highly commended 

Mischief was also shortlisted in two campaigns, Best Use of Small Budget & Best Use of Creativity, for their work with Women’s Aid, on the ‘He’s Coming Home’ Campaign.