Crisis & Risk

Protecting license
to operate

We predict, manage and mitigate reputational risk in an increasingly activist and polarised environment.

Our specialist team delivers 24/7 crisis response and stakeholder management, risk analysis and reputational rebuilding.

We use social analytics and risk tracking tools to identify areas of vulnerability, and we draw on decades of experience to recommend best practice.

Our team includes former newspaper and broadcast journalists who advise on media strategy, political experts who can navigate regulatory challenges, and digital strategists who can map influencers, analyse trends and manage your channels in a crisis.

We work with a diverse range of clients on issues including cyber threats, industrial action, safety issues, media investigations and attacks.

Crisis & Risk at MHP Group

  • Live crisis response
  • 24/7 reactive press office
  • Ongoing issues management
  • Risk auditing and scenario planning
  • Response protocols
  • Crisis training

Airline crisis:
focus during turbulent times

As a summer crisis hit the UK airline industry, we were called in by a major airline to manage relations with customers and stakeholders.

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