21 May 2021

Introducing the Climate Action Group – driving the change we want to see in the world

The effects of climate change on the world are becoming increasingly apparent, with COVID-19 heralding a keen emphasis on ESG values across all sectors and presenting us with the opportunity to reanalyse the priorities for future growth and development.


We believe that all businesses are at a unique turning point where they can choose to change their behaviours to deliver long lasting and impactful change.

This is where Engine has a powerful and important role to play.

We are proud to start positioning ourselves at the forefront of this change in the industry. With our multitude of business offerings we have the ability to help our clients on several levels. Engine needs to initiate these conversations both internally and externally to encourage and create change and in turn to support more businesses in seeing the benefits of implementing ESG structures and protocols in their own workforce.

The best place to start this is clearly in our own business, which is why we are pleased to have launched a Climate Action Group following the appointment of a Head of Sustainability earlier this year. We are a newly formed group with representation from across all the Engine Pillars. Our goal is to increase awareness of the rapidly growing climate crisis and drive change, both within Engine and beyond.

Last week, we had an introductory meeting with Purpose Disruptors, a strong and growing network of people and businesses within the advertising and marketing communications industry focused on reshaping the industry with the goal of reaching net zero by 2030. They are the brains behind #ChangeTheBrief – an alliance whose vision is collective action among industry partners to reveal things that have previously been obscured, and to respond to client briefs in a way that will promote attitudes, lifestyles, behaviours and brands aligned with a net zero society. They have developed a tiered offering that provides a deeper dive into key categories (e.g. food, energy, fashion, etc.) to upskill teams on critical sustainability and climate change issues associated with their clients specific sectors – training that will enable teams to know what direction they need to go in to ‘change the brief’ and how they can help clients move forward with this. They are also developing a more bespoke training package which will dive deeper into understanding how to promote and embed sustainable behaviours and lifestyles.

All truly inspiring and definitely further food for thought as we, The Climate Action Group, continue on our mission.

We are busy shaping and building a Climate Action Plan that will enable us to accelerate our commitment to Climate Change, further future proofing Engine as a business. The Plan is being developed around three key overarching areas of focus – further review of our business operations to see what other ways we can look to improve; looking to establish more sustainable work processes with and for our clients; and looking at how we can use our positive position as a business with clients and through active engagement with the industry to influence behaviour and bring about positive change.

The time has come for all industries to recognise the change that they can have in the world and to take positive action. We are only at the beginning of this journey but strongly believe that Engine, and the businesses with whom we work have a critical role to play in delivering a net zero society. Starting the right conversation is not always easy, or comfortable, but it’s important to do. One thing is for sure, in the context of Climate Change it will only ever bring about positive change and importantly, sustainability for all.

Should you wish to find out more about the Engine Climate Action Group please contact Rachel Boland, Head of Sustainability at [email protected]

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