27 Oct 2023

Passion Powered Patter – Engaging with Sportspeople

A new mini-series from the Mischief team


Mischief’s Passion Powered Patter series sees our team meeting with industry experts to discuss how brands, agencies and marketeers can leverage passions to better connect with their audiences. This month, we focus on the passion area of sport, given the huge line up of tournaments and events set to come in 2024.

In our third episode of the series, our Creative Director, Greg Double met with England International Rugby Player Anthony Watson to discuss how brands can effectively partner with sports talent. This episode sees the pair talk about how to build a true partnership and why it’s important to look for partners that have an authentic connection to the brand, product or campaign.

Tune in below, and don’t forget to check out Episode 1, where we got the media download from Joe.co.uk’s Jack Peat, on how to unlock editorial opportunities around sporting events and Episode 2, where we chatted to Just Eat’s Marketing Director, Vix Gold about how brands can win by taking a long term view to passion led comms.


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