19 Jul 2023

‘Missions accomplished? What to expect from a Labour Government’ – New guide from MHP Group

What will the first Labour government in a generation actually do with power?


We are excited to announce the launch of ‘Missions accomplished? What to expect from a Labour Government.’ This guide, which has been developed by MHP’s public affairs experts, with the support of Labour policy shapers, places the five missions set out by Keir Starmer under the microscope and provides a systematic framework by which to evaluate Labour’s policies, ahead of the General Election.

Developed for brands and individuals alike, this guide, examines:

  • The meaning behind a mission-driven government.
  • The five missions set out by the Labour leadership, and the policies that lie behind them.
  • How to evaluate Labour’s policy commitments, and test the likelihood of them becoming future government policy.
  • The three likely potential scenarios for the result of the next election.
  • How best to engage with Labour and influence the policy agenda via the Triple-A approach.

Download the guide here:

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