16 May 2024

New report: Reputation and the future of European fintech

MHP's Financial Services team launch new report exploring the European fintech market


The European fintech landscape has experienced a turbulent two years, from the pursuit of unicorn status to a period marked by financial cutbacks and layoffs. However, through our market-research sister agency, Savanta, we surveyed over 50 of the most senior C-Suite leaders and executives from fintechs across the continent and found that a renewed sense of optimism is now palpable. What’s more, integrated communications has never been more important in powering  growth, nor has it seen such support from this group. 

In our new research report, Reputation and the future of European fintech: Powering growth through effective communications, we found that 77% of fintech leaders are expecting business growth in the next year. This optimism is coupled with a shift in strategy, as fintech leaders apply the lessons from past challenges to future growth plans. The focus has moved from relentless expansion to achieving profitability, with 68% of leaders saying that this is a top priority. 

Download the report here:

We uncover the critical factors that these leaders identify as forming the basis of this growth, the audiences they must engage to deliver their vision and the importance of a targeted and integrated communications strategy.  

What becomes clear is that as fintech leaders strive for growth, a dynamic communications strategy is not just beneficial, but foundational, for success, enabling communications leaders to elevate their function and showcase their value. The report delves into the: 

  • Key drivers of growth for fintech leaders over the next 12 months 
  • Vast and varied stakeholder landscape that is critical to supporting growth 
  • Key role of reputation management on the growth journey 
  • Fundamentals of a successful communications strategy that can evolve over time 

Alongside the research you’ll find insights from MHP experts across a range of specialist disciplines as well as first-hand experience and views from fintech businesses and comms leaders themselves. 

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