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MHP Mischief and Kiyan Prince Foundation announce new strategic partnership

Posted on: November 29th, 2021 by Tomas White

The Kiyan Prince Foundation works to promote social mobility and thriving communities and reduce violent crime, by inspiring and coaching young people across the UK.

The pro-bono agreement means that MHP Mischief will develop the charity’s brand strategy and creative campaigns, while providing media and partner relations support.

Established by former boxer Dr Mark Prince OBE in honour of his son Kiyan, who was tragically killed while trying to break up a fight at his school, the Foundation helps thousands of young people to achieve their potential. The partnership with MHP Mischief will help the Foundation with its mission to find a permanent site from which it can run its outreach and support programmes.

As part of the agreement, Dr Prince will support MHP Mischief’s talent outreach programmes, helping to attract next generation talent into the communications industry.

MHP Mischief’s 2021 campaign for the Kiyan Prince Foundation, #LongLiveThePrince, imagined what Kiyan’s life and career as a professional footballer would have been like, 15 years after his death, aged 30.

The campaign featured a photoreal digital avatar of Kiyan, playable inside the FIFA21 video game. Working with partners including QPR, JD, Framestore and Topps, we secured a dream signing for Kiyan at his childhood club, a boot deal, and billboard advertising in iconic locations.

The work drove a year’s worth of donations to in a single day, allowing the charity to increase its outreach work. Even more importantly, it reached 60% of the target demographic, 78% of whom said it was relevant to their lives and 74% of whom said they would recommend it to a friend. #LongLiveThePrince won five awards at the 2021 PR Week Awards.

Unveiling the partnership, MHP Mischief CEO Alex Bigg said:

“This is a proud moment for our agency: A chance to do work that will change lives for the better and tackle some of the most urgent social issues facing our country. The Kiyan Prince Foundation is an incredible charity and this partnership will help it reach many more young people.”

Dr Mark Prince, CEO and Founder of the Kiyan Prince Foundation, explained:

“MHP Mischief have been incredible partners over the last year and I’m delighted to expand our relationship. Their strategic and creative expertise will help take our organisation to the next level.”

MHP Mischief campaign lead James Rollinson, added:

“We love working with Mark and his team. Their passion and commitment to this vital cause is inspirational. #LongLiveThePrince was an amazing campaign to be part of, and now we have the chance to build on its success and help the Foundation reach thousands more young people around the country.” 

#longlivetheprince wins at PR Week Awards

Posted on: October 28th, 2021 by Tomas White

#LongLiveThePrince for the Kiyan Prince Foundation told the story of Kiyan, a young man whose life was cut tragically short in 2006, aged 15, when he was stabbed in the heart and killed, while trying to break up a fight outside his school in Edgware, London.

Kiyan, who played for the Queens Park Rangers youth team, was described as ‘a prodigious footballing talent’, and the campaign imagined Kiyan’ 15 years after his death, aged 30, when he would have been at the peak of his professional footballing career.

Working with EA Sports, creative studio Framestore, the University of Bradford and friends, family and former QPR teammates, the campaign team brought Kiyan back to life inside FIFA21, recreating his playing style and creating a photoreal likeness of how Kiyan would have appeared aged 30. QPR announced his ‘signing’ and awarded him the squad number 30 for the season. With support from JD, Adidas and Topps, Kiyan’s story appeared across London, generated more than 1,000 pieces of media coverage and the support of influencers including Raheem Sterling and F2Freestylers.

Developed by MHP Mischief, the campaign won PR Week gold for Best Integrated Campaign, Best Not-For-Profit, Best Content, Best Creative and Best Purpose Campaign.

The impact of the campaign is still being felt, both by the gamers who can play as Kiyan and learn about his story – and through the charitable donations that fund the Kiyan Prince Foundation’s outreach work. Kiyan’s legacy is no longer one of heartbreak, but of inspiration, love and support.

Commenting on the five award wins, the PR Week judges added:

“This campaign approached knife crime from a new angle and found a way to connect with audiences, as shown by the fundraising achieved. #LongLiveThePrince was everywhere. It aligned many major partners and offered strong storytelling with a powerful personal story in an innovative way to a very targeted audience.

“We cannot praise this campaign enough – touching and very well executed. It will be talked about and held up as an example of best practice for years to come. The team should be incredibly proud.”

Long Live the Prince

Posted on: June 16th, 2021 by Tomas White

Created to inspire young people to be the best version of themselves and drive donations for the Foundation, the Brand and Reputation team at MHP leapt to the challenge of getting coverage for the campaign across all major media outlets. And the results are extraordinary – 915 pieces of international coverage, including every UK national besides the FT, 50 interviews secured for the campaign spokespeople and heaps of prime time broadcast, including a 12 minute segment on BBC Breakfast. Following wall-to-wall coverage on launch day, twice as many people searched Kiyan’s name on Google last month than when he died, driving valuable supporters to the Foundation website.

Brand and Reputation team member Carly Spencer shares her experience of working on Long Live the Prince here:

We all have memories that last a lifetime, and working on the Kiyan Prince Foundation’s Long Live the Prince campaign certainly fits that bill for me. Over a year in the making, it was a One-Engine campaign that saw many of agency’s disciplines work together, and the result was something special.

In 2006 Kiyan Prince was tragically murdered outside of his school while trying to break up a fight. 15 years later Long Live the Prince campaign brought him back to life as the professional footballer he was destined to be, while celebrating the incredible person he was.

There is a lot to be taken from the story of Kiyan’s life, but what’s so electric about the campaign is its universality – the narrative of unity, destiny and sportsmanship can speak to and inspire everyone at some level. Yet there is one message above all else that should always be remembered from the campaign: we all have stories to tell, unique routes to take, and dreams to follow.

I think we’re all brought up to believe in our dreams and that if we put our minds to it we can be anything we want to be. But working with the Kiyan Prince Foundation has reminded me is that no matter what your ‘thing’ might be, becoming your somebody is everlasting. Hearing his father Mark speak about his dedication to supporting young people at risk of knife crime and violence is something to be admired in abundance.

The Kiyan Prince Foundation not only touches on the tenderness of the Black experience across the UK, but it also echoes volumes about the chances we all get in life – no matter if they are missed or caught.

The Long Live the Prince story was more than just a campaign; it was a moment of integrity, ambition, and alliance that will have a lasting effect.