Leadership in a
divided world


Accord is a specialist consultancy, developed with help leaders analyse, resolve and manage polarized groups and divisive scenarios to improve stakeholder relationships and business performance.

Created with Influence at Work and Poles Apart, Accord brings together some of the world’s leading names in conflict resolution, persuasion science, employee engagement and reputation management. It helps leaders and organizations anticipate, manage and resolve the threat of polarisation to their business.

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  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Risk mapping and issues advisory
  • Auditing and audience measurement
  • Narrative and message development
  • Behavioural design


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03 Feb 2023

Do White Papers save lives? The potential pros and cons of the new Major Conditions Strategy

Following the controversial announcement of plans for a Major Conditions Strategy, James Juster and Noah Froud examine the rationale for the strategy, as well as the potential downsides for patients a...See More

02 Feb 2023

Social media as a polarising force: Trump’s return to Meta

As Trump makes his return to Meta following his two-year ban, Ali Goldsworthy, President, Accord, explores the UK’s take on his return, social media as a polarising force and how the moderate point...See More

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