07 Mar 2022

Women’s Health: making choice in sexual and reproductive health a reality

In recognition of International Women’s Day we have launched a new report – A Period for Change – analysing why women’s reproductive health topics need to be much further up governments’ agendas.




For the 2 billion women of reproductive age around the world, the impacts of their sexual and reproductive health, such as periods, fertility and menopause, are all part of everyday life. All women have a right to good health care, that takes into account the different stages of women’s lives, from adolescence to old age, yet for decades, this area of health has been underfunded and under-prioritised. This has led to disparities in outcomes for women and has substantial negative impacts on the economy and broader society. It also means that globally, sexual and reproductive health conditions remain one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity for women and girls.

Recent developments in technology, policy and society are shifting the innovation landscape when it comes to women’s health, but do entrenched misconceptions or cultural taboos around sexual and reproductive health impede true freedom of choice? Are women being given all the tools to really able to have autonomy over their own bodies, and who is in control when it comes to accessibility of medicines and services?

Our core aim at MHP Mischief Health is simple. We want to make people give a damn about health.

Driving change in women’s health is something we feel hugely passionate about – as individuals, and as a healthcare communications practice. As healthcare communicators, we have a critical role to play to support the use of our collective voices to challenge preconceived notions and educate society, to demand more for women and girls in their sexual and reproductive health years

That is why we have invested in a series of activities around International Women’s Day aimed at shining a light on both the important progress made in recent years but also the challenges that still exist in this important area of healthcare. As part of this, we have published our report ‘Women’s Health: Making Choice in Sexual and Reproductive Health a Reality’.

In it, we explore the reality of a woman’s ability to choose preventative and therapeutic treatment and their ability to access innovations aimed at improving their sexual and reproductive wellbeing, as well as essential medicines and services. We also look at the role of communication and campaigning in supporting more open conversations, ‘normalisation’ of language around sexual and reproductive health, and the impact this has on driving progress in this space.

In the long-term, we can only imagine what changes greater access and education, advanced technologies and a stronger dialogue can lead to for humankind. It is certain that it will impact our ability to create communities where everyone is heard and empowered to live life fully, without feeling restricted by the reproductive functions of their bodies. We will all play a part in getting to this point as a holistic, supportive and caring environment is the only way to build communities and countries that treat women fairly and respect their health needs.


Join us on 17th March, as we host a panel discussion ‘A Period of Change: The Evolving Needs Of Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health.’ The session will bring together influencers, campaigners, and industry perspectives from organisations all working to drive change in this important area – and we have some fabulous speakers lined up.

  • Rachel Moss – Life Editor, HuffPost UK
  • Jayasree K. Iyer – CEO, Access to Medicines Foundation
  • Dr Annabel Sowemimo – Community Sexual and Reproductive Health Doctor; and Founder Decolonising Contraception
  • Mika Simmons – Co-Founder, Ginsburg Women’s Health Board; Founder, Lady Garden Foundation; & Host, Happy Vagina Podcast

To join the event please register here.

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