let’s clear the air

E.ON lungs sculpture
Polluted london skyline

The work

We identified an opportunity for E.ON to lead the debate on air pollution and how to solve it. None of its competitors were occupying this space.

Over the past three years, we have brought the ‘Let’s Clear The Air’ campaign to life through tactics including:

  • An in-depth policy white paper, setting out E.ON’s position and key Government asks
  • A 16-foot high lungs installation outside London’s City Hall, to dramatise the capital’s toxic air levels
  • A call-to-arms for British newspapers to include air quality data within their weather forecasts
of target consumers viewed E.ON in a positive light
rise in agreement that E.ON ‘cares about the environment’
increase in website traffic during the campaign
E.ON lungs sculpture

The ‘Let’s Clear The Air’ campaign has received over a dozen awards for PR and marketing effectiveness.

Woman blowing bubbled in a green park

The impact

We’ve consistently delivered over 400 pieces of media coverage a year for the campaign through our executions, while newspapers such as The Evening Standard, the I and the Daily Star changed their weather forecasts because of our efforts.

In addition:

  • Target consumers who view E.ON in a positive light have increased from 41% to 70%
  • There was an 83% rise in agreement that E.ON ‘cares about the environment’, and a 119% spike in agreement that E.ON ‘is a leader in the clean air debate’

During key campaign periods, E.ON web traffic rose by over 200% and sales increased by 56%