Delivering better
Return on Influence

The influencer landscape is fiercely competitive and fast-moving, with new talent, trends and platforms emerging continuously, vying for the attention of the 70% of consumers who spend more than an hour a day enjoying social content.

In this crowded world, brand recall is a huge challenge. Half of brand managers say they worry about recall, while the same proportion of consumers struggle to remember the brand involved within minutes of seeing a post.

Our ‘Return on Influence’ planning and creative model makes use of behavioural levers developed with our partners MindLabs to increase the effectiveness of our influencer content across six key metrics.

We work with human nature and social algorithms, not against them, to boost recall, engagement and behaviour change for clients like Three, Coinbase and Unilever.

  • Influencer strategy
  • Talent partnerships and relationship management
  • Content creation
  • Channel planning
  • Paid media strategy
  • Measurement and optimisation


Thea Parnell
Head of Digital
Vicky Purnell
Director & Head of Partnerships