03 May 2024

A month of Mischief, April 2024

Welcome to A Month of Mischief,  a monthly take on the hottest passions gripping the nation, along with the latest Mischief news.


The Passion Perspective

The first May Bank Holiday weekend is upon us. An extra day to relax and unwind. And what better way to unwind than by revisiting 2024’s cultural reset that is Taylor Swift’s 2hr anthology album, the Tortured Poets Department?

That’s right, passionate music fans have had much to rejoice in over the last few weeks First, Ariana unfriended us with We Can’t Be Friends, then Cowboy Carter made our hearts bleed (while also making us fear for anyone with the name Jolene…) and now…Taylor Swift has given us 31 songs of pure, young-adult angst.

Whether you’re tuned-in to her every move, tortured by her music, or just tolerate her name appearing in the news on a weekly basis, there’s no denying the power and impact Taylor Swift has on the comms industry.

But, we’re not just an office of Swifties. Taylor’s impact in the comms world offers a lot of fun for brands. From Greggs instantly posting their version of her new album cover… to Krispy Kremes offering a discount to anyone wearing a Swiftie friendship bracelet, ‘Taylor tactics’ is something easy and…well…swift…for brands to jump on and join in a fun, positive conversation (even if the subject of her latest album isn’t all that joyous)…

And what makes all of this more fun is it seems that Taylor genuinely loves her audience, and her every move is catered to exactly what her fans want to see from her. This level of audience insight is something brands should be aspiring to – especially as she helps many get involved in conversations online to either be shared or eye rolled at!

Speaking of conversations to be shared…check out Mischief’s own anthology of campaigns from the last month…and now sit back, pop your feet up, and enjoy the music…

This Month at Mischief

Once You Croc You Can’t Stop!

This month, we paired Pringles with the iconic Crocs to help launch their tastiest collaboration to date. Afterall, who wouldn’t want a snack holder in their shoes whilst they’re on the go? Our aim was to spread the story and stir up enthusiasm among UK snackers, letting them know about the arrival of the trendiest Crocs on the scene.

When launch day came, we hit the ground running, securing great coverage on Heart Breakfast, and sparking Jamie and Amanda’s appetite for the latest Crocs collab. We also secured pieces in top national outlets like Mail Online, Daily Star, and Daily Mirror, alongside consumer and regional hits including Manchester Evening News, and JOE.co.uk.

The campaign has also popped off on social, being praised by Harry Wallop no less, featuring on Daily Star and Indy 100’s “X” channels, and getting organic social coverage from Crocs fanatic influencers including Zoe Bread, Star Holroyd, and Mared Perry.

Hungry for more? Read about the collab here.


Hollywood Hard Man Vinnie Jones Talks More Than Football

This month, Three UK teamed up with former footballer and Hollywood hardman, Vinnie Jones, to share an important message to football fans. In collaboration with Chelsea F.C and Samaritans, we launched the campaign #TalkMoreThanFootball, encouraging people to simply ‘talk more’ than football.

The campaign was launched in light of Three’s data that two-thirds of football fans (67%) have struggled with their mental health, and only a tiny fraction (6%) of those admit to talking about their mental wellbeing with people they watch or play sports with.

It’s time to grab a cuppa, sit down and listen to Vinnie’s message, which was premiered at Stamford Bridge Stadium during the game against Manchester United to over 40,000 fans.

 Our message to remove the stigma hit headlines in national titles such as, Daily Mirror, Mail Online, Daily Star and The Sun. Vinnie championed the cause on Sky Sports News, and we scored strong coverage in consumer titles such as Men’s Health, Talk Sport and Football London.

Listen to Vinnie’s powerful message here.

Team Gb Kicks Off The 100-Day Countdown To The Olympics With Style

The countdown is officially on! Team GB took to the stage to mark the 100 day countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, and our aim was to get the nation hyped.

We joined forces with Team GB’s athletes, B-Boy Kid Karam, B-Boy Sunni and B-Boy Sheku who are setting their sights on competing for Team GB, and TikTok dance sensations, Brooke and Jessie, to get the nation stomping their feet in anticipation.
We’re encouraging the nation to bust a move and share their dance moves on social using the hashtag #MoveWithTeamGB. Who’s ready to feel the Olympic spirit?

To get hyped – watch the dance here.

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