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Public Affairs

General Election 2024: What happens next?

Following the election result, MHP’s Public Affairs team have put together a guide to the events that will follow.... Read more

Public Affairs

‘Dishy Rishi’ is running the worst election campaign in modern times

Rishi Sunak appears to have learnt all the wrong lessons from Labour leaders of the past as he sends the Tories to what looks to be their worst election defeat of all time.... Read more

Public Affairs

General Election 2024 – Conservative manifesto

On 11th June, the Tories published their 2024 manifesto - here's our take on the objectives of the policies and their overall impact.... Read more

Labour and Reform battle for the Super Distruster vote

80% of traditionally Conservative-voting Super Distrusters have abandoned the party... Read more

Public Affairs

Poor party discipline is proving to be Rishi Sunak’s undoing. But Starmer should be wary too.

Party defections, internal strife, and strategic maneuvers: UK politics at a crossroads. As Rishi Sunak grapples with Tory fractures, Starmer navigates Labour's challenges. Can either leader keep thei... Read more

Public Affairs

Key takeaways from MHP’s Budget Briefing event

Following the Spring Budget, MHP Group held a breakfast briefing event in Westminster exploring Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Budget and the implications it has for the UK in an election year.... Read more