08 Jul 2024

Trust Analytics – Building trust for business impact

Announcing the launch of Trust Analytics, a new service from MHP.

Nick Barron

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Trust Analytics, a new service from MHP.

The result of a unique, year-long collaboration between MHP Group and the behavioural science experts at Influence At Work, Trust Analytics helps brands measure, diagnose, and – most importantly – strengthen trust with the audiences who matter most to you.

Trust Analytics uses a model based on the three fundamental pillars of trusted relationships – Competence, Integrity and Benevolence – combined with a proprietary research methodology to measure the level of audience trust in your brand, understand the impact of trust on your business, and uncover the most effective strategies for increasing trust with your audiences.

Trust Analytics is both a way of tracking performance over time, and a strategic planning process designed to help businesses achieve lasting improvements.

You can download the report here:

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